Efficient tax planning is essential to all owner managed businesses.

Hayes & Associates (Leigh) Limited offers expert taxation advisors. From an initial consultation (which is free of charge) we will establish the requirements of our client and determine the most appropriate tax strategy to mitigate the business’ tax liability.

We have helped many clients throughout Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, Lancashire and the North West with their tax planning.

As our clients’ businesses grow we monitor their development and provide remedial tax advice accordingly.

The ultimate aim is that during the lifetime of the business it only pays tax which is it obliged to and thereby maximising funds available for growth and expansion. This eventually will lead to a tax efficient sale of the business or succession of the business within the family.

The taxation services we offer include:

  • Personal Tax – Self Assessment
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gaines Tax
  • Inheritance Tax

For taxation services and taxation advisors you can rely on, contact Hayes & Associates (Leigh) Limited. Getting the right tax advice is essential.

Hayes & Associates (Leigh) Limited: your first choice for professional, affordable taxation services in Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, Lancashire and the North West.